• Carolina Textile
    Care, LLC

Premium Hospitality Linen Service

Our Mission:

Enhancing the ability of hotels & resorts to provide guests with clean, comfortable, high quality linens on a timely, transparent basis with unparalleled integrity and customer service.

A purpose built plant in the Lowcountry focused
uniquely on luxury hotels and resorts

Hospitality Focused Textile Care

  • 25,000 ft2 purpose built facility designed specifically as a laundry
  • State of the art technology for the high-end hospitality market
    • 2,500 lbs/hour tunnel wash system
    • 1,200 lbs/hour of washer-extractor capacity: redundancy, rewash, specials
    • Impeccable flatwork, linen and terry processing
  • Exceptional, individualized care for your high value textiles
  • No healthcare processing – no cross contamination risk
  • Superior customer service

372 Bob Gifford Boulevard
Early Branch, SC 29916

T: 843-547-2224

W: www.carolinatextilecare.com

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